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Ryan Leaf - Transcend
Prison Life:  Marginalization, Lack of Humanity - Ryan Leaf

Prison Life: Marginalization, Lack of Humanity - Ryan Leaf

Ryan David Leaf is an advocate for those struggling with mental and behavioral health issues and encourages audiences to transform the way we think about mental health issues and addiction. Ryan works to destigmatize mental and behavioral health illnesses and says, “asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.” The strong presence Ryan holds in a room is not just due to his 6-foot-6 frame, but the impassioned commitment he has made to serve those who are struggling. Before working with Transcend Recovery Community he was one of the most promising collegiate football players of his time, and rivaled Peyton Manning for the Heisman trophy. During the 1998 NFL draft, Ryan and Peyton Manning were considered the top contenders. Ryan was ultimately selected second by the San Diego Charges as their franchise quarterback. As Program Ambassador for Transcend Recovery Community, Leaf shares his life’s narrative as a former football star who had a tumultuous and public struggle with drug addiction, but has now gained a life of purpose and peace through recovery. Ryan travels across the United States speaking to communities about his story of recovery – how he reconciled the failures of his past to develop into the person he is proud to be today. Ryan’s mission is clear and unwavering. He works every day to transform a publicly flawed past into an opportunity to inspire positive change in those around him. Ryan’s story captures the transparency and authenticity that Transcend Recovery Community is founded upon. To book now:
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